Bringing you the best in 3D printed RPG terrain!

Licenced Printer of some amazing 3D companies on the market today:

Fat Dragon Games 3D printable items!

 Warlayer 3D printable items!


Amazing Designs from Hero’s Hoard and EC3D!




Worlds Over Run 3D printable items!

Axolote Gaming 3D printable items!

Masterwork Tools: Creator of OpenForge 3D Printable RPG Terrain and Accessories

Terrain 4 Print 3D printable items!

Arid Hills Gaming printable items!

Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca : Amazing Sculpts/Designs 

Coming Soon:

Necroplex: 3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain Building Blocks

RPG Tools

Wow in Space

Archania’s Workshop, LLC will gladly help you bring your dungeon to life!

Using one of the amazing terrain systems or can custom design/build your dungeon using either Dragonbite or OpenLOCK tile system.

3D Printing

Printing everything from Prototypes to RPG items, Cosplay items, household trinkets,  we can get it done for you.

Build Size maximum is 16″ x 16″ x 21″.

Using either PLA, ABS, Composites like Carbon Fiber, Wood, or anything a FDM printer will allow, we will get it done for you.

Highly rated on 3D Hubs.

Please contact for a Free estimate.

3D Repair and Service

Having an issue with your 3D FDM printer?

Not leveling correctly?

Printing strangely?

Want to upgrade that nozzle or add a cooling fan?

Nothing is worse then going to do a print and having issues, we are here for you. We will take a look at your machine and let you know what can be done to make it print!

Please contact to see how we can make that printer shine.

3D Design

Have an idea or concept that you would like to prototype in 3D?

We can do that for you!

Using Fusion360, NetFabb, and 3DS Max, we can turn that paper sketch into a 3D printed physical object.