Terms & Conditions

Archania’s Workshop, LLC (AW) strives to bring you the best 3D prints of RPG terrain and accessories.

  • Domestic and International Shipping.
  • If something gets damaged due to shipping, please contact AW with pictures of the damaged shipping box and damaged piece and AW will replace the damaged items.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the items, please contact AW to discuss a reasonable remedy to the order.
  • All prints are done in Grey PLA unless specified on the order or product description. Please contact me to print in another color. Will be more then happy to accommodate.
  • With the nature of FDM printing, there may be slight imperfections of items, this is tried to be avoided at all costs but can happen.
  • Resin prints are a UV cured liquid. I do remove supports and the pieces are under a UV lamp for a time. Resin prints may have slight marks from supports – effort is made to remove any blemishes as possible. Final cleanup and preparation prior to painting is up to the customer.
  • Items may have slight stringing from printing, this can be corrected by a heat gun.
  • Glue residue may still be on the bottom of the pieces due to glue being used as the bed adhesion for the prints. This can be washed off since it is Elmore’s Purple Glue stick.
  • 3D prints can be primed and painted with acrylic paints. This might include some sanding and preparations on your part.

Terms & conditions are subject to modifications by AW at any time. If there are any questions or concerns please contact AW to discuss.