Wagon Contains:

(2) Wagon Hitch Halfs

(1) Wagon Body

(2) Wagon Axle

(4) Wagon Wheels

(1) Bracket

(1) Wagon Horse Hitch

Glue the 2 halves of the Wagon Hitch

Glue both Wagon Axles to the bottom of the Wagon Body.

Location is up to you.

Glue Wagon Bracket to the front of the Wagon Body.

Glue the Wagon Horse Hitch to the glued Wagon Hitch

Option for the Wagon Wheels:

A) You can glue the Wagon Wheels to the Wagon Axles


B) You can use toothpicks to attach the Wagon Wheels.

Do this on Both Sides

Attach the Completed Wagon Hitch to the Wagon Bracket.

You can glue or use a toothpick or just press fit.

Turn Wagon over and there you go!